Elizabeth Murray to James Murray, 2 April 1754

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Apr. 2. 1754 from his sister before her thres mevetrip (no idea what this says)  

Dear Brother,

Before I left Boston I wrote  

to you twice I am very much surprised you  

did not write to me by a vassal that saild  

from cape fear the 20th dec. I am afraid you  

have not got my letters if so you will be  

very much surprised to hear from me in

London where Sarcered the 10th feb: after

a passage of six weeks I came directly to Mr

Bridgens he was not at home notwithstanding

I was received with great civility by his

wife & his partners after I had given a

few directions I set out in a stage coch

for wells in order to see John & what sort

of a people he wos settled amongst my sister  

& her family I think very agreeable they

shew’d me very great respect so much that

I left the place with regrate I could have

spent a summer very agreablie there his wife

is very much like my sister which I told John

(end page 1)


was the highest complement I could pay her

he took it as such & said that was the

reason he courted her for the child is very

well & they are as happy as you could wish

he is in very good business & most deserved

-ly aproved of, thier is two letters from

him to you put in the bagg for Carolina

my sister Clark & her family is arieved they

have had a most terible passage which I  

am very sory to hear they are all well

& at chesters where they are to settle I know

not I hope I shall hear before I leave this  

pleace which will be on wensday when

I left boston I took an account of every

articall in the shope & found seven

hunder’d pound sterling stock (^beside furniture) clear of

all debts but to you I then gave Mr  

gordon a power of atorney & order’d him

to write you & if any thing happen’d

to me I beg’d you to accept of it with

my most greatfull acknowledgments for the

many favours recieved from the best of

Brothers I renew this & if any accedent

(end page 2)


happens to me in going to Newengland

I beg you will accept of every thing

that is called mine & believe that it comes

from a sister that owes it all to you

who does & ever will acknowledge it with

the sencerest gratetude that ever mortall

was capable of, on my return from Wells

mr Bridgen was come from flanders he

insested on my staying in his house which

I did & he has been very kind when I came

from Boston Mr Inman gave me a very

handsome letter of Credeot to his Correspon

dend from whome I might have had as

many goods as I pleased but mr Bridgen

said it was puting my self in strangerses

hands & perhaps would turn out greatly

to my desadvantage he than ask’d me if

I thought you would give a larger

letter of Crediot I said I did not doubt

of your readeness to serve me therefore

I did not give Mr Inmans letter but mery(?)

with Mr Bridgen & chose out a very net

asortment of goods & what well suit

(end page 3)


Boston Market very well which with

these that were sent out about a month

before my arievall in London amounts

to eght hundred pound sterling I am

very much ashamed to ask you to give

me a letter of Crediot for that same as

I ded not ask your advice about it be=

fore I lashed out so largely I am now

bound in honour & gratetude to find

security some where if it does not suit

you to give it please let me know

by the first opportunity to Boston

without reflecting the least on Mr Bridg-

ens conduct he has accted the part of

a most generous friend he has with his

own hands lookd over every artical

with me that is put up & is now learn=

ing me a short method of bookkeeping

which I find very easy I hear thier articals

of partenership well not allow thim to

to trust any abroad with lace notwith

standing the good oppenon openion he

(end page 4)


Has of you has made him brake it

he has noe trusted me with

a hundred & thirty I had a trail of these

laces before & they sold very well

I have agreed to make remettance in

9 & 12 months if you think any security

from me to you is necesary I am ready

to give it, Mr John murray of Phillip

haugh is here but I have not had much

time to ask him about our friends there

yet, Sady done is well & has 2 children

he is setting up for member for the

boroughs Mr Elliot for the county I

have a letter for you from my aunt

who will give you all the newes of

that countray they insested very

much on my going down to scotland

but intrest got the better of mele=

nation & I thought it would be better

to goe to Boston as soon as possible

I goe with Captn John Phillips who I

(end page 5)


came with, I have recieved a letter

from Brother Will who I saw letters

from at Wells that gave me great

uneasyness he sem’d to be quite in dispare

& I am allways afraid of the consquance

I therefore wrote him to sell & that

I did not doubt you would advice him

to buseness that would be more to his

advantage I will send you hes answer

I advised him to be easy notwithstand

=ing he was not rais’d he complaind

to John of a debt of ten pound that

he was very sory he could not pay

he was obliged to live in a taveren in

Pramph at greater expence than he might

have boarded in London for, this

you may be sure went very near my

heart & if I have not deliverd all

my money to Bridgen & waller on my

arivel I would have paid the ten

pound for him the money John advanc

(end page 6)


=ed for him is lost in guthers hands if

Will did not order it there must he

be charged with it please write to

me by the first opportunity to Boston

& let me have the pleasure of seeing

dolly there this summer & if you

will be agreeable to my sister & @ you from

there you will very much oblige Dr

Dear Brother & sister

your much obliged


Eliz Murray

London April 2d 1754

last night John Murray was so kind

as come & see me he asked very kindly

for you & desired his complements he

seems to have your intrest very much at

heart & was highly pleased to hear you

were like to make so much by beeng

secerator I told him of your intention of

purchesing Chief Judge if he is member I

doe not doubt he will serve you ir in his

roomer(?) he says he will serve will if he can

(end page 7)


I think you should write to him I

intend to hear what Mr oswald says

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