Elizabeth Murray to James Murray, 23 October 1753

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Brother & sister

I had the pleasure

of youre by Saved Gran

lies I would have been very

glad to have come to Cape

fear this winter but I hear

of no opportunity to

go directly thier for some 

time so I am afraid I

Shall not be able to make

it out this season Saved

says you have a girel that

you intend to send with

Dolly I beg you may send

her & let me have the

(end page 1)


satisfaction to see one re-

lation once more I will promis

all the care that I am capable

to take of her & Shall

follow your derection in ever

particular relating to her

& every thing else I had letters

from home John last week

he is married to Miss Boyles

who he seemes very much

pleased with he advises me

very much to goe home

but I have no thoughts

of it so long as you stay

in Cape fear whenever you

are ready to goe I am so to

is my sister Clark to live

in Edr not to go to

Wells I am surprised nither

(end page 2)


Of my sisters wrote to me

I am afraid My sister Murray

has had the fever & egne

it so I fancy She is quite

tierd of Cape fear I have

some goods from London

Last week & Mr Bridgen

has at last accepeted of

2 pr sent commission n(page ripped)

I am very glad of ts

be so kind as let me hear

from you soon by Dolly

the girel may stay here

if she let is the pleas & you

chuse to part with her

I am your most obliged

& ever affect sister

Eliz Murray


Oct: 23o


(end page 3)

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