Elizabeth Murray to James Murray, 4 December 1756

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Dear Brother & Sister

No doubt you will be

very much surprised when you hear

that I design to goe for London With

Captn Phillips or Comneering in

order to return early in the spring

with the newest fashons this is a very

dull time of the year for busseness in

this place & I had a grat many

articals come this fall that was

fitt for summer therefore I adver-

tised my going away & by that

Means I have sold the a good

Many of them & every body thinks

my going home will be a very

great advantage to me as I can

chuse such goods as I know

will suct this place what goods

I doe not sell before I goe I leave wh

to the care of Mr Alexander Gordon

I am to pay rent for the house

so he adreed me to let Mrs Boyen

(a Lady you have seen With Mrs

Speakman at Mrs Barkers Who is

now a widow) live in the house &

sell the goods the are all Mark’d

(end page 1)


as I sell them so I am to pay her

one shelling on the pound for what

she sells & take what is not at

my return, she finds her self in

every thing but the house rent I

leave Hannah with one Mrs Cuttler

who will be very carefull of her

as soon as I have taken an accot

of my goods & debts that are

out I shall leave copys of thim

with with saved inclosed for

you ^& he will send thim by the first opportunity I intend to have Mr Gordon

a power of Atorney Who I believe

is a very honest man & if any

thing hapens to me he will be

the beast hand you can employ in

this place not that I think thier

will be any thing of great

value left, What ever it is and

ten thousand times more of I had it

belongs to you I am sory I have

not made a better improvement

of what so generous a benefacton

put into my hands, I have en-

=devour’d to doe all that lay in

my power therefore I hope you

will take the Will for the dead

(end page 2)


and accept of it with my most

hearty thanks & greatfull acknoledge=

=ments for the innumerable favours I

have recieved from the best and dear=

=est of Brothers O My Brother Shall I

never see you more, years I hope I

Shall next summer with my sister &

dear little Dolly if you stay but one

month & leave dolly with me I shall

injoy more satisfaction in that short

time than I have done this great

while, I don’t Friends at home as I

shall come in the first vassal that

sails for this place after I arieve

if you write to me please dered

it to the care of Mr Edward

Bridgen Lace Marchent in Pater

Noster Rowe Lon.d he complains

very much of you for not writing

to him, I shall endevour to see

John if possible, I beg as a very

great favour that I may have very

Long letters from My sister & you

& if thier is any thing you want from

(end page 3)


London be so kind as let me know

& I will eather bring it this way

or send it Derectly to you, pleas

remember me in the kindest manner

to Dolly & all friends I am your

most abliged &

over affect sister

Eliz Murray

Boston dec. 4th


I hear Captn

Phillips is to sail the begening

of next week so I will goe with


(end page 4)


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