James Murray to John Murray, 31 July 1751

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Brother John      Cape Fear July 31. 1751

& Mr Child        I wrote you on the 28th January

by Capt Brown since which I have not heard a word

from you – I suppose your Love affair with your other

Business engropes all your attention that you have no Time

or  heart to write to your American Friends your Delight

is in a Colder Climate – We long to hear of you. Wishes

being happily complealed and the more that we guess our

Concern is equal in the Happiness of both the Parties – when the

Joney moon is over or pretty far advanced in the first Quarter at

least we insist on your writing us particularlarly all about

it your Sister Betty in a special manner expects from your

Intended Spouse (if the Lady she hopes it is) a laetter that is

a fuller account of matrimoney than she has yet had for she

longs to be better informed, by what we heard from her

lately she makes both ends meet and n*agines her Life more

Comfortable than it could be here in that Opinion we differ

From her – My Wife likes the Country very well and thinks

it has been much misrepresented to her – About a Wish ago

She brought you a lusty nephew – Her Bione and Recovery

has been so good that the Place has additional Charms

to her on that Account this is only her tenth day and

she is so well as to be about and to dine with us in an

open hall I forgot to tell you tho I have left the Town

to the Merchants ever sence March and betaken my

self entirely to a Country Life I find grat satisfaction in

it and have more time to think of my Friends and the

rest of my best Concerns then in the triffling Bustl and

and santring Impertinence than in ofthe trofling Town my sister

among the rest must have her share of this Leisur of mine

her Children ar growing up and without opportunity

of Education ar wasting ther Time I would fain per

swade her to send the two Eldest Boys under your

Lare to this She has Several Objections one or two are

that you have sent no answer to the Enquries I made

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about the Accademy which boards Clothes and schools

for £10 a year if this will not do the next step I must

lake is to try to send her home with all her Children

and my Daughter we shall be easily able allow her

from the work of her own Negroes 50 or 60 £Sterling

a year will not that sum maintain and her 4 or 5

Children in your Town if not what will

the People of your Profession go to such extrava

gant lengths with the poor People of this Country that

it is become a male Point with them when sick whether

to die And leave something to ther Families of to

live and be ruined by the Doctor to remedy this Evil

as much as I can I desire the favour of you to order

from your Droggist a prcel of suck medicines as

you, think will be most useful for the Distempers

of this Country and likewise a book or tow to

direct us to the use of them the value of the whole

to be about three Guineas unless you can meet with

Doctr James Dictionary tow vols folio at second

hand very cheap and can recommend it to me in this

case you may go the length of Six or Seven Guineas

ins the whole the books I have already in your way

Are 2uinseys Dispensatory the late British Ditto

and allcans Synopsis 2 vols I Shall order Messrs

Oswald and Compa to repay you or your order

I should be glad to be better informed of the n*n

Ure of vegetables of which we have so great var

Iety in this Country I have the two volumns

Millars Dictionary but that only gives their

Characters and method of Cultivation I intend

to send by this Opportunity of my Friends Thos

Child Esqr Attorney General of this Province a parce

of books of yours which I pickt up at Chesters

and brot over with me by Mistake he may be

heard of al ^for myn Wright Esqr his house in Norfolk Strat  the lock pover Coffee house perhaps

in the Strand

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at the Ponsiluanin. As soon as it is in my Power to

communicate ought to your Society worth sheer notice

I intend to do it. and have desired several of our

virtuose to Correspond with them. your Sister Clark

who has been so kind as to be with her Sister during

her in lying and for some time before desires to be

affectionatly remembers to you and that you would

send among the rest of the medicines that Salve or

Ointment you order’d from So Carolina for Mrs Donglas’s

Sore lyes, or a Receipt for making it. Any of the

Medicines such as Rhubarb and Bark that you

think will be cheaper at Boston, order little or

none of for I can be easily supplied from home

I shall be glad to hear frequently from you, and

now I am more master of myself and my Time

than ever. I resolve that a Correspondence with my

Friends shall not drop or informit through my

Fault. What you order for me may be directed to

The care of Mr John Watsone Mercht in Charlestown

if there be no Vosel coming hither. and if

your Druggist be one you can use freedom with

get him to put me up at the same Time a parcel

Of Gardenseeds about 8 Shs worth and take his

pay ment for altogether. I think it is very hard

That poor Will after serving so long an insign must

be obliged to buy his Commipion Preferment

I am willing to stake my Credit as far as £100str

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equaly with you, that is either a hundred pounds

Sterling a piece or Less as you see he has occasion

for, but as for money it is out of my Power at

resent, without tying up my hands here. James

Dear John   your most affectionate Brother

(end page 4)

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